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Research and development

11  Artificial Plant Island Using Floating Water Purification

     Construction of Green algae Control System Using Drone

     Mobile Green algae Removal System Using Underwater

     Water purification system using underwater pump

     ECOBOT mk2 : A.I. Water Purification Robot
     with Green Algae Prediction Solution through
     Environmental Data Analysis


Certification and Awards

11  Minister of SMEs and Startups Award (KT Award for Best
     Companies in Warm Technology Plus Challenge)

     1st place in KT's Warm Technology Plus Challenge

     Korea Electric Power Corporation International
     Invention Contest Silver Prize

     Jeollanam-do Provincial Governor's Award (International
     Invention Competition Excellence Award)

10  KIBO-STAR Valley


04  Minister of Environment Award (Excellent Environmental Business Award)


Research and development

 ECOBOT : A.I. Green Algae Removal Robot with Self-
 Driving Technology

 ECOBOT Trademark registration

 A.I. Water purification robot design registration


Certification and Awards

12  KT's Warm Technology Plus Challenge

11  ISO 9001 / ISO14001

10  Procurement Service Innovation Products

07  K-WATER Cooperate company

06  Registration of a bancher company


Research, Certification and Awards

02  Green algae prediction solution through BIG DATA

     Prefabricated Green Algae Removal System Using
     Underwater Pumps

     K-WATER CEO Award (Innovation Management Company


Research, Certification and Awards

10  ECOBEE : Floating water purifying device

     ECOBEE Trademark registration

     Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (Excellent
     Environmental Business Award)

02  Korea Environmental Industry Technology Director
     Award (Water Management Technology Innovation


Research, Certification and Awards

 ECOSHIP : Remotely Adjusted Unmanned Green Algae

 ECOSHIP Register Design


Research, Certification and Awards

 ECOPEACE Trademark registration

 ECOWING : Deposit Floating Water Circulation device