about us



ECOPEACE Co., Ltd. specializes in managing and purifying the water quality of 18,000 freshwater facilities using SMART water quality management solution.

The target is facilities that trap water such as water sources, lakes, dams, reservoirs, ponds, and golf course ponds. Address water pollution caused by climate change, industrialization, and increased environmental hazards.

Freshwater facility water pollution that began with climate change and increased pollutants! To restore the ecosystem of nature, ECOPEACE Co., Ltd. studies water quality.


ECOPEACE Co., Ltd. is a high-tech venture company based on BIG DATA, A.I., and ROBOT technology. Members of ECOPEACE Inc. will continue to work today and tomorrow to prevent pollution of precious water resources and to ensure a clean environment.

Water that is indispensable in our lives! If we manage it well while it is safe and abundant, the future of water resources will be bright.


Starting with ECOWING in 2015, ECOPEACE has conducted various research and development from ECOWING to ECOBE in 2018 and ECOBOT in 2020.

We have also made efforts to develop various water purification devices and will continue to make efforts to improve water quality.