Etiquette for the natural environment is our little interest
Ecopeace is a company that purifies and manages water quality of freshwater supplies

Ecopeace researches technologies to prevent and purify water pollution


Ecopeace is a company that purifies and manages water quality of freshwater supplies.
Our solution target is facilities to contain water such as lake, dam, reservoir and pond etc.
Ecopeace is made up of young entrepreneurs to slove the water pollution problems,
caused by industrialization and using ungreen pruducts

CEO Greetings

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Organization Chart

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Water Quality Management Division

We manage all parts of the water using professional personnel and equipment

Algae Removal Division

The newly developed green algae elimination ship is put in to prevent breeding of green algae, and it maintains the state of pleasant fresh water facilities by removing.

Environmental Purification Equipment R&D Department

In response to frequent environmental pollution, we develop technologies that can solve environmental problems through continuous research and development.

Sale and rental of water purification equipment

We sell various equipment that we have studied and developed by ourselves in search of domestic and foreign demand.

Solution consulting of water pollution purification

We provide purification solutions by finding places that are suffering from water pollution.


Introduce our products which managing quality of water.



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Managing service
about quality of water

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Product Features

Eco-friendly technology

Economical technology with low maintenance costs.

Techniques for solving fundamental problems
(Concentrating on N and P removal causing eutrophication)

Product design like shelter for wild animals and plants


333, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea
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